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Apply now for 2023.

8-week online courses in Entrepreneurship and Finance will be available in 2023.

Micro-credentials are a form of certification that verify the learning outcomes of short-term learning experiences, such as short courses or training programs. They offer a flexible and targeted way for people to develop the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed for personal and professional development.

With micro-credentials, employees can personalize their learning by choosing short-form micro-credentials that align with their career goals and responsibilities. This can help them to be better prepared to move up or change jobs in the future and to demonstrate 21st-century skills.

Individuals can register and pay for micro-credential courses online. These courses typically last 24 hours, are spread over eight weeks, and are delivered online. This format allows high school and university students to gain practical skills and knowledge quickly and enter the workforce in a short amount of time.


Session 1: February - March

Session 2: May - June

Session 3: October - November


  • $300/course
  • $200/course if you are an active post-secondary or grade 12 student.

Explore our Micro-Credentials


      Module 1: Entrepreneurship

      • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
      • Digital Marketing
      • Marketing Strategy
      • Bookkeeping & Taxation
      • Small Business Finance
      • Internet Security

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        Module 2: Finance

        • Canadian Investment Funds (IFSE certified)
        • Family Finance
        • Intro to Banking & Financial Institutions
        • Bookkeeping & Taxation for small Businesses
        • Small Business Finances
        • Real Estate & Insurance Finance

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          The Government of Alberta's 2018-2028 labour market outlook has anticipated a significant level of labour shortage in the areas covered by this training program. The Provincial economy has already entered this period of labour shortage. Trainees in these micro-credentials are now in short supply so apply today!