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Awards Day FAQ

I’m not on the Dean’s List – should I even bother applying?  
Absolutely!  Four areas of Academics, Community Service, Campus Involvement and Program Participation are evaluated when deciding eligibility for each scholarship.  Financial need is added in for any financial-need awards.

How do I apply for a particular scholarship?
Your application will be considered eligible for all awards based on how well your application matches the stated criteria for each award and:

  1. your submitted information, and
  2. your academic information from Registrar Services and 
  3. your financial information from Student Financial Services, as well as
  4. your department’s evaluation.

Note:  The ‘program of study’ defining your eligibility for discipline specific awards will be the program on record at Registrar Services as of January 19, 2023.

Can I receive a scholarship if I’m taking less than 9 credits in a 23/24 term?
If you have an assessed disability status you may be eligible to receive scholarships at a 40% courseload or 6 credits per semester.  If you are going to be a December 2023 or an April 2024 graduate you may petition for special circumstances in your final term.

Should I apply if I am graduating with a 4 year degree this year and/or receiving a second degree discount in 23/24?
No!  These awards are for those completing their 1st 4-year undergraduate degree.  If you already have a 4 year degree, or are graduating this year with one, you should be receiving or should apply for a 2nd degree discount for 23/24.
What if there’s a tie for one of the scholarships?
The time and date of the application submission will be taken into consideration.  Please submit your application early.

Are there paper applications?
No, all applications are online.  You may find the link in your student portal and/or the school website.  There are separate documents (such as essays and/or work statements) that may be submitted either online as part of the application or scan and email to or in person with a paper submission by the deadline.

How do I get the best score possible in the Community Service and Campus Involvement categories?
From the past 12 months list as many activities as possible (except those completed for employment, practicum or required course work) and be very specific about the details of your involvement.  This is your time to brag about yourself – don’t be modest!

Do I need to respond to the Academics and Program Participation areas?
No response is necessary.  Your GPA is provided by the Registrar and your Program Participation score is given by your department faculty.

Do I need to complete the financial section of the application?
If you have received a government student loan this year and submitted your loan Notice of Assessment (see your student portal: DocTracking Financial Aid to be sure) – please answer yes to the appropriate question of the application. 

I was busy; can I submit a late application?
Sorry, no.  Plan ahead.  Access to the application is disabled after the deadline. Late applications will not be accepted except under extreme circumstances and only by approval of the Student Finance/Financial Aid Committee.

What happens if I win an award?
Award recipients are notified at least one week in advance of the ceremony via email to their Burman address.  All recipients are required to attend the entire Awards Ceremony.  Donors are present and we want to celebrate your success.

What is the deadline?
Thursday, January 19, 2023