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Alumni Profile

Vincent Drouin

Bachelor of Science


My time at CUC (now Burman) is a period of my life that I will never forget.  It truly shaped who I am today.  The beautiful wife I am married to, my involvement in the church, and my career are all a result of what I was able to gain at CUC.  My focus while I was at CUC was getting into dental school at Loma Linda, and the biology program at CUC did just that. 

The quality professors I was able to learn from and work with were able to prepare me and challenge me so that my time at Loma Linda would be a success.  I went to Loma Linda just hoping to make it through dental school, but found that the skills and knowledge I had gained from CUC prepared me for more than just status quo but rather to graduate from Loma Linda at the top of my class.  Today I am able to enjoy my career in a successful dental practice working with three other dentists who also benefited from their experience at CUC.

The three years I spent at CUC provided me with a well-rounded experience in which I grew more than just academically, but also spiritually, socially and physically.  I really feel that I left CUC a better person and will forever be grateful for the experience CUC was able to offer me.