UPDATED - January 4, 2022

The Omicron variant is continuing to increase case counts across the province and so the message from my office sent out on December 23 has been revised with new information. Please take note of the following information as we prepare to resume our activities on campus next week.

We are asking ALL campus family members (students, faculty and staff) to ensure compliance with ALL of the campus COVID-19 protocols:

Burman Alert

  • Daily completion of the Burman Alert app screening and only attend classes/appointments/events if you have a current green badge. 

Mask wearing

  • In all indoor locations other than living spaces, personal offices, or when eating in the cafeteria.
  • Masks are to be worn appropriately covering both mouth and nose at all time

Social distancing

  • When in a non-REP event, cafeteria or classroom, maintain a 2-metre distance from others.


  • All students, faculty and staff are to be tested as soon as possible upon return to campus in January. Please be tested in the Administration Building Auditorium (Chapel) on Monday, January 10 or Tuesday, January 11, depending on the first day of your return to campus. The hours have been extended from 7 am - 5 pm for these two days. The Health Coordinator will provide a link for a short video to indicate how the rapid tests are conducted. Please watch the video before coming to the test to make the process of testing as efficient as possible.
  • All students, faculty and staff will be tested on Monday/Tuesday, January 10/11 and then again on Monday/Tuesday, January 17/18. with the extended hours noted above.
  • Dormitory students will be tested upon arrival on campus at Lakeview Hall (LVH). Please make your first stop at LVH for this test upon arrival on campus. For the second week, dormitory students will be tested at the regular testing site in the Administration Building Auditorium (Chapel).
  • Day students will be tested in the Administration Building Auditorium (Chapel) on Monday or Tuesday, January 10/11 and 17/18
  • For all unvaccinated students, faculty and staff, the regular testing regime will continue . Please test two times per week unless you plan to be involved with REP events in which you need to be tested three times per week as happened during Fall Term.

REP Events

  • As of now, we are planning to continue with REP events but these may be postponed/delayed, depending on the threat of transmission of cases. but will return as soon as is allowable by provincial regulations.

A reminder that if you have any COVID-19 symptoms (i.e. cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose, sore throat, loss of taste or smell) PLEASE STAY HOME until the symptoms have cleared. For vaccinated individuals, the waiting time to leave isolation is 5 days or until symptoms disappear, whichever is longer. For unvaccinated individuals the isolation requirements remain at 10 days or until symptoms disappear, whichever is longer. 

The following protocols, as noted on the AB government COVID-19 webpage, provide excellent guidance.

Negative rapid test with symptoms

  • Isolate immediately for 24 hours.
  • Take second rapid test in 24 hours:
    • If negative, continue isolating until symptoms resolve before cautiously resuming normal activities.
    • If positive, continue isolation:
      • Fully vaccinated: 5 days or until symptoms resolve, whichever is longer, plus 5 days of wearing a mask at all times when around others outside of home
      • Not fully vaccinated: 10 days or until symptoms resolve, whichever is longer

Negative rapid test no symptoms

  • Isolation is not required but continue monitoring symptoms and following public health guidelines.

Premier Kenney and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Deena Hinshaw both spoke today and reinforced the following:

  1. Vaccinations and booster shots provide the best protection against COVID-19.
  2. Limit interpersonal connections and interactions to slow transmission.
  3. Take a rapid test and follow the following protocols as noted above which are also found on the AB government COVID-19 webpage


Please check back here for the latest COVID-19 information.