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Micro-Credential Course Descriptions



Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Real Estate and Insurance are a major component of financial industry. They include the businesses (Small & large) that conduct financial transactions for individuals, families and other businesses. This course provides actionable information about the financial roles this industry played in both the performance of the provincial economy and the provision of private investments opportunities.

Digital Marketing and Website development
You will learn how to grow your business through Digital Marketing. It starts with a Lead-generating Website, followed by your Content Platform, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Engagement, Reputation Management, Email Marketing, and Paid Online Advertising.
Get clarity about how you can use Digital Marketing to your advantage and make better decisions in choosing marketing tactics that will work for your business.

Marketing strategy 
The course focuses on how businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), navigate the marketing environment to attract and retain customers for growth. The course will provide hands-on, easy-to-follow step-by-step marketing strategy ideas that will bring growth to the enterprise. The course gives attention to the following areas:

  1. Understanding who your customer is and how to attract and sustain the customer base.
  2. How to develop a strategic marketing plan.
  3. Retail marketing strategy.
  4. Integrated marketing communications for SME's strategic growth tools, such as
  5. Boston Consulting Group (BCG) growth matrix,
  6. Ansoff matrix,
  7. competitor analysis/generic strategy.
  8. social media marketing plan.

Bookkeeping and Taxation for Small Business
Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to record and maintain routine businesses transactions in compliance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). You will also lean how to use an accounting software to keep your business records and facilitate reporting. An important learning outcome will be the practical use of the basic personal and corporate taxation principles to maximize your business income and cash flows.

Small business finance
In Canada, financial management has been identified as one of the three main reasons why 53% of Small Businesses closes before the age of five. This course focuses on the main possible solutions to the common difficulties of Small Business financial management. It communicates the principles and tool of financial planning and investment, financing and financial decisions, cash flow management, profitability and growth, among other important topics.  

Internet security
Protecting data that organizations collect and use is very important. Acts of human error or failure, deliberate acts of espionage or trespass, acts of information extortion and vandalism tend to compromise the integrity of any information systems. This course teaches the best ways to protect organizations and individuals’ private information against various forms of attacks such as malicious code, hoaxes, back doors, password crack, brute force, denial-of-service, and social engineering, etc. that continue to evolve in sophistication.