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Burman University to Continue Online Delivery for Winter 2021

The health and safety of our students, faculty and staff continue to be our highest priority. While it is our desire to have all our students return to campus this winter, our decisions are impacted by the guidelines set by our government, health officials, the difficulty faced by our international students, as well as the continued rise of COVID-19 cases locally and across Canada. Therefore, Burman University will extend this fall’s online delivery of academic programs into the winter term beginning January 2021 through the end of April 2021.

While the majority of the feedback received from the three concurrent Town Hall meetings (Students, Faculty and Staff) favored online learning in the winter semester, we also want to acknowledge those who were hoping to return to face-to-face instruction. We understand the challenges of learning and building relationships virtually. We remain committed to connecting with you through various online events and programming. We are excited by the amount of interaction with our students throughout this fall semester through our online delivery of social and spiritual programming–thank you for continuing to be a part of our online community.

We are also still committed to offering in-person social and spiritual programming for those who are on-campus or in the local area. If you are wanting to return to campus, please ensure that you have contacted our Residence staff as campus housing is limited due to government Covid-19 protocols. International students are required to contact our Student Services office to ensure that a proper entry and quarantine plan is in place.

Students are also encouraged to make use of all our online resources. Please reach out to the Sakala Success Centre for academic and mental health support. This is crucial for any student that finds the online environment challenging. Thank you for completing our feedback surveys on the fall semester. Please don’t hesitate to speak to your professors and our office of Academic Administration for any support you may need.

This fall semester has been challenging but we are grateful for our student’s resiliency throughout this pandemic. We continue to pray for the health and safety of our community at this time and we are hopeful that we can welcome our entire student body back to campus for Fall 2021.