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The Department of Psychology will prepare you with the skills necessary to pursue Graduate studies in Psychology and Related Fields or to enter the Workforce in Human Services.

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We will introduce you to the fascinating field of Psychology—the study of human functioning. Whether it is the study of the individual and their relationships, culture, behaviours, thoughts, and feelings, or the biology of the human mind and body, the Psychology degree will engage you in the discipline of Psychology from a uniquely Christian perspective.

5 reasons to choose our Psychology Program:
• Practical experience built directly into the program
• Ease of class registration without waitlists
• Classes taught by professors (not assistants) who have real-world experience in the field of psychology
• The ability to specialize in interest areas at the undergraduate level
• A high percentage of skill-building classes

Degree Details

BSc Psychology (4-yr):
Students pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree program will develop a strong theoretical knowledge of psychology as an academic discipline, focusing on the scientific method of observation, data gathering, analysis and interpretation. The program provides supervised application of psychological principles with clients in social service/mental health settings. Students will be prepared for pursuing graduate study in psychology.
BSc Psychology (3-yr):
The three-year Bachelor of Science with a concentration in Psychology is designed for students who wish to pursue professional school such as medicine, health sciences, law, management science, mediation, or rural mental health services.
BSc Psychology (4-yr) with Certificate in Art Therapy:
Designed for students planning to go to graduate school in Art Therapy or who desire an additional skill set for working with children, youth, elderly, substance use, rehabilitation, special needs etc.
BSc Psychology (4-yr) with Research Certificate:
Designed for students desiring to go to graduate school and needing an Honours degree equivalent.
BSc Psychology (4-yr) with Crisis Intervention Certificate:
Designed for students desiring specialized knowledge and seeking employment in the field of trauma and crisis intervention.
BSc Psychology (4-yr) with Sport Psychology Certificate:
Designed for students desiring specialized knowledge in the application of psychology to sport.
BSc Psychology (4-yr) with Gerontology Certificate:
Designed for students desiring specialized knowledge and seeking employment in working with the elderly.
BSc Psychology (4-yr) with Substance Use Certificate:
Designed for students desiring specialized knowledge and seeking employment in working with substance use.

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Ivah Lumalang
2017 / BSc Psychology

I experienced moments of inspiration, excitement, and self-reflection as a psychology student at Burman University. I appreciated the university’s commitment to guiding students in acquiring skills, values, attitudes, and knowledge that a practicing counsellor requires, while at the same time incorporating a spiritual aspect, which is very important to me. The professors that I learned from, leadership teams I was involved in, the diverse community, and the opportunities that the school offered (e.g.

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