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Student Information


Landline phones are provided for the students residing in the Lakeview Hall and Riverton Hall residences. These phones support local dial-out calling, outside/incoming calls, and voicemail.

For Lakeview Hall residents:

  • If parents, friends, or families would like to call you, they can do so by calling Burman University at (403) 782-3381 and then dialing 5xxx (where "xxx" is your room number). 

For Riverton Hall residents:

  • Each set of apartments has a single phone in the room. Each apartment has its own direct phone number which will be given out to you upon room check-in. See deans for more details.

Need Help?

For any issues you may have with your room phones, please bring them to the appropriate dean's attention. There are also basic setup guides that will be provided for you, which will walk you through setting up your answering machine and retrieving your voicemails.