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The International Studies Program provides an excellent background for students who want to make the world a better place.
As one of the most customizable degree programs at Burman, International Studies is designed for students with endless curiosity about the world. Tailor the degree to your career goals with tracks in World Cultures and Societies, and Global Health Studies. Learn through travel experience. Study a second language. Develop critical thinking and writing skills. Live and work in a different country. Engage and change the world!

Degree Details

BA International Studies (4-yr):
The International Studies program brings together international research and internship opportunities, international development project experience, and analysis of global affairs. Students learn to think about problems from many perspectives. Students will learn another language, and learn to write about and analyze some of the biggest problems facing our world today. By the time our students graduate they have grown immeasurably, traveled internationally, written and spoken in professional contexts, and know how to present themselves professionally, in order to begin careers in the civil service, international diplomacy, in the tertiary sector, and in business. They are early-career professionals with the writing, thinking, and analytical skills commensurate with their jam-packed four years of experience.

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Alison Bottomley
2012 / Bachelor of Arts, 2012

Since my degree at Burman, I have gone on to work in development and humanitarian settings around the world in Yemen, Iraq, Uganda, Jordan and Syria. As a student, I never dreamed I would develop the skills and gain the experience I have now. But the professors at Burman, both in the International Studies (IS) program and other departments, believed in me before I realized my own strengths. Without a doubt, it is the mentoring and encouragement you received at Burman that is one of the best parts of the education offered there.”

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